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Rethinking gender diversity & productivity

Workplaces with gender diversity are likely to achieve 21% more profitability.  Are you a forward-thinking organisation ready to address the gender-specific needs of women?



Feminine Vitae™ is dedicated to supporting women who experience menstrual and reproductive health symptoms to achieve their full potential in employment. We raise awareness about reproductive health conditions and symptoms, with an emphasis on the under-recognised impact on women’s career progression.



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 3 simple steps to improve workplace productivity


Get started. Tell us a bit more about you by emailing us at Hello@FeminineVitae.co.uk. We will organise a call to identify the best options for your organisation.


We begin the work. We identify the most prevalent reproductive health issues and propose actionable solutions tailored to your organisation’s values and productivity needs


Receive tailored solutions. We translate information about reproductive health into tailored solutions to improve women’s wellbeing,engagement and productivity.


2 simple steps to improve your students’ wellbeing


 Get started. Tell us a bit more about your organisation and students’ needs by emailing us as Hello@FeminineVitae.co.uk


Tailored workshop. We organise a tailored workshop on  menstrual & reproductive wellbeing to inform students on how to recognised reproductive health symptoms , the importance to self-care, and where to go for help.


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Promote engagement and productivity
Her Work~Flow

Our online programme designed to empower women affected by chronic reproductive heath conditions


Manage employee relations issues


Policies (e.g. menopause, reproductive health) ; Case Studies & Reports


Training on reproductive health at work; legal and policy considerations

Questions and Answers (Q&A) manual

Create an inclusive work environment where women’s experience is no taboo.

What people say about us

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Hassan Mushaid Managing Director

“It’s just a vicious circle, people don’t feel comfortable because it’s personal. You don’t get to learn and be empathetic towards their needs, so we can’t help them. It’s just not going anywhere. It has to be discussed openly and educated so all sides can feel comfortable and move things forward…Keep doing the great work. Keep sharing the knowledge. A lot of people need to be aware of this – It’s so common but men have no idea.”

Darcy 18-25 years old

“Learning about reproductive health conditions has taught me to be more compassionate towards women who experience these conditions.”


Anonymous England

“Lala’s love for what she does shone through.”

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