Her Workflow

Her Work~Flow: Wellbeing & Employability

Her Work~Flow™ is an online programme designed for women affected by reproductive health conditions to improve wellbeing and work-life. Her Work~Flow™ offers an opportunity to use valuable insights from our body and fine-tune our Nutrition, Mental wellbeing & Mindset and Lifestyle.

Work with your Flow to unlock your Full Potential

Who is it for


Do you experience menstrual problems, fibroids, PMS, endometriosis, PCOS, fertility issues, menopausal symptoms?



You are not alone



The Work Foundation reports that chronic gynaecological and reproductive health conditions are holding back women’s productivity and could be damaging their career.


The programme covers

Personalised Action plan

How it works

Mindset, Nutrition & Mental wellbeing


Actionable solutions to improve



Mindset. Inspirational  and motivational contents to encourage you on your journey


Nutrition.  Key information about nutrition to improve your physical wellbeing


Mental Wellbeing. Emotional wellbeing tools to cope with symptoms and situations


What to Expect


Her Work~Flow™ programme is designed to help you develop a personalised wellbeing and professional strategy.


You receive support to design your personalised Action Plan & S.M.A.R.T Goals.


We provide evidence-based Tools (Nutrition ~ Mental wellbeing ~ Mindset)


You decide which approach meets your specific needs and devise an achievable plan to unlock your full potential.

What people say about us

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Nathalie K. Clean beauty therapist

“Very informative and effective solutions for women with menstrual problems”


Anonymous 18-25 year old

“Thank you for your support over the last few months, the insight you have given has been extremely useful.”


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