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UK domestic implementation of Sustainable Development Goals

In January this year, Feminine Vitae (FV) submitted written evidence to the House of Commons International Development Committee about the review of the UK progress on the delivery of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The report published on the 16th July 2019, outlines recommendations for the implementation of the SDGs at domestic and international level.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

One of the SDGs’ ethos is that development should be inclusive, hence ‘leaving no one behind’. Accordingly, the domestic implementation of the SDGs should include the need of all women, including those affected by severe reproductive health symptoms. Especially SDG 5, which promote gender equality and encourage States to empower all women and girls. For this reason, FV submitted a contribution to the House of Commons International Development Committee to highlight the need to enable small organisations to interact with the public sector to contribute effectively to the delivery of SDGs, in particular, SDG 5 which encourage measures that empower all women and girls to achieve their full potential.

Engage the private sector

As seen in the report, our view about the need to facilitate more interaction between the public sector and private sector to foster domestic implementation of the SDGs fall within the same line to the opinion expressed by former Secretary of State, Penny Mordaunt. Our submission is also rejoin the government’s acknowledgement that a specific mechanism for stakeholder engagement on domestic implementation is required.

Our submission (extract)

Written evidence submitted to the International Development Committee to inform the inquiry into theUK progress on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) January 2019

Domestic Actions

The process for developing the UK’s Voluntary National Review (VNR) seems inclusive enough as all organisations are invited to contribute. Currently, the SDGs are embedded in the planned activities of each Government department. However, to achieve more inclusiveness, there should be a constant channel of dialogue between UK-based organisations and Government departments in charge of the implementation of SDGs at the domestic level.

Our Contribution to the delivery of SDGs

Reproductive health is a public health issue which disproportionally affects women. To improve economic productivity and support career progression, it is necessary to recognise the specific challenges, including reproductive health issues, that women are more likely to experience. Feminine Vitae Ltd is a social enterprise dedicated to supporting women’s m[enstrual and reproductive wellbeing. Feminine Vitae contributes to the SDGs 5 & 8 by seeking to empower all women (SDG 5) and proposing solutions to ensure the financial security for women affected by chronic and severe reproductive health conditions (SDG 8).


It would be suitable to introduce a platform or a Government representative to act as the first port of contact for UK-based organisations to liaise with Government departments and contribute to the delivery of SDGs. The proposed approach could facilitate effective collaboration between organisations (including social enterprises or businesses) and government to ensure that domestic action on the SDGs has a positive impact.

· The report can be found here · Learn more about the SDG 5 here

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