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A social enterprise delivering solutions to improve the quality of life and employability of women affected by reproductive health conditions


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Our initiatives are designed to empower women affected by reproductive health conditions. ...
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Social Impact
Tackling isolation from the workplace Our social mission is to reduce the risks of isolatio...
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Policy Engagement
Policy engagement: Socio-Economic challenges We raise awareness about the socio-economic...
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Interviews & News

12 Nov 2019
How Infertility can affect all aspects of your life
Jess, 38 from West Yorkshire who works in export sales is about to embark on her fourth fresh cycle of IVF. She speaks to Feminine Vitae about her ongoing journey with infertility, and...
25 Oct 2019
We can Pitch
The Pitch competition in Manchester For Feminine Vitae growing as a social enterprise involves concurrently developing our social and commercial profiles. We attended The Pitch compe...
08 Oct 2019
Health is everyone’s business
Health is everyone’s business: lowering the number of women who lose their jobs because of a reproductive health condition Background Between July and October 2019, the Departme
07 Oct 2019
BTW, Endometriosis is not a STI
Steph, 33, a civil servant and an executive member of the National Endometriosis Sisters Support (NESS). She was once asked by a date if endometriosis was caused by a sexually transmi...
06 Oct 2019
Infertility: an emotional journey for Kate
Kate, 38, is a fertility nurse who enjoys running, spending time with her dog and eating cake in her spare time. She speaks to Feminine Vitae about her fertility journey. Experiencing infer...
21 Sep 2019
Why PCOS is More Than Just a Fertility Issue
By Rebecca Bairstow Attempting to treat Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is often not a smooth journey, and many sufferers encounter various hurdles in accessing treatment. One woman living...
21 Sep 2019
Do the majority of people know what reproductive health is?
#ReproductiveHealth Many people think that #reproductivehealth only has to do with the ability of a couple to have babies. But of course, it is not that simple. You might find it ...
01 Sep 2019
PMDD- PMS on Steroid
Premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) - Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) on steroid Feminine Vitae (FV) interviewed Sarah Rawsthorn who relied on her lived experience with Premenstrua...
01 Sep 2019
Nutrition & Menopausal symptoms
Nutrition-focused approach to manage menopausal symptoms By changing her diet, 52-year-old nutritional therapist Simone Burgon was able to manage the symptoms that arose when s...

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